Hello Redbud Families,


Here are today’s videos and activity ideas.  I hope you all had a more restful spring break week and are taking care of yourselves. Today I made a video of ” We are the Dinoaurs” by Laurie Berkner.



Teacher Video Message:

Video 1:   https://youtu.be/ctKC4DdyV4Y

Activities to Try at Home:

1).  Plan a porch/zoom concert.  Find some instruments and play some songs for your neighbors. It can be impromptu or planned; you can involve your little one by asking them what songs they want to play, what instruments they want to play, and when the concert should happen. They can make signs for the concert and/or design tickets for the show.


2). Make a smoothie.  Invite your kiddo to put their favorite fruits in the blender, along with some milk, yogurt, or orange juice, and have a delicious, healthy snack. Redbuds can peel bananas and prepare other fruits, pour in ingredients and help you turn the blender on. Have them count how many types of fruits/veggies they are adding.