Hi families! We hope this email finds you well this Monday morning and that you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.


Morning meeting: Join Teacher Rachel for Share and Tell! If your child has any reactions or questions about what anyone shared, consider sending an email or letter to them to let them know!


One-on-ones: Today, we have our Monday one-on-one calls — you should have gotten an email this morning with a Zoom link for your child’s call.


Literacy: Poetry for animals! You can work on writing poetry for birds, bugs, pets, or silkworms! You can have your child dictate their words to you and give them prompts. “What do silkworms look like?” “What do you think the silkworms would say if they could talk?” “What would you say back?”

You can also fill in the blanks! You can do a “back-and-forth” poem, where you start a sentence and they end it, or you alternate writing sentences. Here are some examples for fill-in-the-blanks:

  • Silkworms move like ___________________

  • I love when they _____________________

  • Silkworm, I want you to know that ___________________

  • All day, they love to ___________________

  • One day, I hope they _________________

Here are some animal poems to read with your child.



Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston