Hi families! Here are our videos and activities for today:

Literacy activity: Forming letters. Your child can explore the shapes of letters but forming them out of everyday materials. Make an A out of acorns, a B out of bark pieces, a C out of crayons, a D out of dough, an E out of erasers… etc. (The materials don’t have to start with the letter, but that could be a fun added challenge!) You can do it by:

  • Writing big letters out pieces of paper and your child forms their letters on top of the written ones

  • Writing out the entire alphabet on one piece of paper and having your child use it as a reference

  • Having your child form letters from memory

Slowly increasing the level of independence you ask your child to use for forming their letters (i.e. moving from the first method to the last) is called “scaffolding” — a classic teaching technique!