Hi Redbud Families,

In today’s teacher message, I attempt a guided progressive relaxation exercise, which you and your Redbud can watch here. I first learned about progressive relaxation in a Stress Management course I took in college. Can’t say I’ve stuck with it since then, but in these times of heightened anxiety I decided to give it another try—which is also to say, it can be a helpful tool for both children and grown-ups. I hope you’ll check out the video with your kid-eo.
In other news, today is Earth Day! My suggested activity is to go outside if you can and see what you and your Redbuds notice in our little corner of this big, beautiful planet. (I know I’m sending this email out a bit later than usual, but the “golden hour” starts soon!) Feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders, or the dampness of the ground under your feet. Smell the flowers and admire the colors of everything that’s growing around us right now.
Thinking of y’all and hoping everyone is hanging in there!
Take care,