Hello Forest Friends Fam,

Today, I am including a video of myself reading “We Are In a Book!” by Mo Willems. This is a great book for children learning to read to learn about punctuation, capitalization, and elements of stories like speech bubbles. It’s also great for learning about feelings and facial expressions, and it’s fun! The video is attached at the bottom of this email. (Please let me know if you have any issues opening the video!)
Acting out stories – A fun activity to do with “We Are In a Book!” is to have your child act out the story with you. One person plays Gerald (the elephant) and one person plays Piggie. As you read, have your child observe their character’s facial expressions, identify what they are feeling, and try to mirror that emotion. They may need a little help because some of Gerald and Piggie’s emotions are complex – like suspicion for example – or may be a combination of multiple emotions. You can also do this with your child’s favorite book! You can have them act out a character’s actions, or act out the plot of a story.
As always, please let us know if there are any behaviors happening at home that you need help supporting. We are not there with you, but we may be able to offer some ideas that may make your life easier!
Sending you well wishes,
Teacher Eliza