Hi families! Here are our videos and activities for today:


Singing: Join Teacher Patricia for some singing today! She tells a little story and sings some songs about the sun — can you think of any more songs about the sun?


Silkworm math: Measuring. If you measured your silkworms before, try measuring them again! Is the number greater than, less than, or equal to the number before? Did they grow? How do you know? How much did they grow? (How much more is 6cm than 5cm? You have five fingers up…how many more do you need to have 6 fingers…1 more finger!) Kids may or may not be able to do this kind of math, but using math for the purpose of measuring growth makes the numbers and concepts more tangible and meaningful to your child.


Movement: Descriptive animals. Try moving like different animals and shaking it up by using descriptive words. How would a furry bear move? How would a slippery bear move? How would a sticky silkworm move? How would a quick duck move? How would a lazy duck move? You can make it into a game where you go back and forth with your child, trying to prompt one another to do silly movements.


See you at small group Zoom!


Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston