Hi Redbud Families,

Teacher Message: Pato the puppet and I sing “All the Little Ducks Go Upside Down.”
Activity for Home: As I attempted to imitate a duck for this video, I was reminded of a game we often play at CCS—you’ve probably played it too! We like to call it “Can You Do What I Do?”, and it’s both simple and versatile: you do something (it could be a movement, making a sound, building a block tower, etc.) and your Redbud tries to copy you. Young children learn so much through imitative play! You can try an animal-inspired version in which you dabble like ducks or slither like snakes, teach patterns by alternating clapping your hands and patting your legs, use it to help with potty training, and more. Or give your Redbud an opportunity to practice their leadership skills by switching roles!
Take care,