Hi families! Here are our videos and activities for today:

Teacher video: Join Teacher Patricia as she plays “Bug In The Rug” with her soft toy friends. She reminds Magnolia kids how to play the game.


Looking at pictures from school: Here are some pictures of us playing bug in the rug at school. Pictures might bring up big feelings, so feel free to save looking at them for a moment when you have some time to process emotions. When looking at the pictures you can ask/say:

  • “Who is in this picture?”

  • “What is happening here?”

  • “How does seeing this picture make you feel?”

  • “You were in school all together then, and now you are in school from home. A lot has changed, but some things are the same.” You can talk about what is different and what is the same.

Video about masks from Teacher Sarah: Forest Friends’ Teacher Sarah made a wonderful video about wearing masks, feelings, and decorating masks. Check it out here!


Reminder: Make a silkworm movement video: Observe your silkworms closely (or, if you don’t have silkworms, watch this video of a silkworm molting — thanks Zoey) and notice how they move. Then, prompt your child to “move like a silkworm” and take a video to send to us! (The goal is to edit together a Magnolia kid silkworm dance video!) If your child doesn’t want to dance on camera, you could write out words together to describe how silkworms move and send those words to us


See you at small group Zoom!