Hi families! Here are our videos and activities for today:


Silkworm questions and answer video: Teacher Rachel answers Henry’s question: “Why are the tiny dots silkworms make poop?” and talks about how some people in the world use silkworm poop (including to drink…Rachel talks about how we shouldn’t do that, but you might want to drive that point home.) She also answer’s Neel’s question about why the teachers picked up extra silkworms from families.

Sensory fun: Guess the food. Try playing a blindfold guessing game where kids try to guess food by just its taste! Start with familiar foods and potentially open up to new foods, if your child is feeling brave (brave means: feeling nervous but doing something anyway.) You could also try guessing through touch or smell! This is a great way to engage deeply in multiple senses.

A note on silkworms: We are sending out a caretaking clarification email to families caring for silkworms this morning. Please read it to ensure the healthy growth of your silkworms!

Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston