If you’d like , you can build a fort at home using cushions, chairs, blankets, tables…
You could also consider creating a more permanent peace corner that doesn’t have to be put away at the end.  It can really help kids to have a contained and cozy spot to go if they’re feeling some kinda way.  It’s also nice to model using a peace corner as an adult when you need to relax or release some feelings.
you actually have a few fort building videos to choose from (!), because the first ones I made seemed to be forever frozen and I ended up making another today, only to realize that the first ones actually work now!
This one is short and sweet.  8.5 mins with building and clean up.
The following two are a bit longer, but include a bit more content around thoughts/feelings re: making mistakes, learning, building challenges, and cleaning up.
Fort Building 7.5 min
Clean Up 5.5 min
Teacher Lee