Hello families!

News: Magnolia teachers have offered to extend their silkworm project to families across CCS! You can learn more about what the project entails in this Silkworm Guide. If your family is interested in raising silkworms at home, please contact magnoliateachers@childrenscommunityschool.org

Video of the day: Teacher Maddie sings and plays This Little Light of Mine on the ukulele. She also talks about the Winter Festival when we last sang this song together, and how it is now Spring and much warmer out!

Activity: We’re moving our end-of-year focus to patterns and sequencing! You can practice simple ABAB or ABCABC patterns with any items you have lying around your house, such as forks and spoons. You will notice our activities begin to center around noticing patterns and sequencing by different aspects (such as size or color). We will provide brief explanations of the “whys” of these activities, and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions!



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3 Attachments