Hi families! Here are our videos and activities for today:


Morning meeting: Join Teacher Patricia and her puppets who are learning and discovering “singing silkworms” and their lifecycle. Watch the video here!


Silkworm questions: Please send in any questions your child has about silkworms for the Q&A video (either written or as a video.) We will also be collecting questions from the kids we see when picking up extra silkworms tomorrow, so, if you can, try brainstorming questions in advance.


Nature/silkworm journals: Drawing movement. Whether with your silkworms, or with bugs/birds/animals outside, you can draw movement with your child. They can draw the path they take, the way their heads move, the patterns of chewing on the mulberry leaves, etc. A fun challenge for kids to not look at the paper but watch the animal/silkworm the whole time, tracing their movement without looking (this is a proprioceptive challenge!) Then, they can draw another while looking at the paper. How do the drawings differ? What’s the same? What do they notice?


Math activity: Baking! A great way to incorporate math into your daily life is through baking — measuring and cooking are essential to many recipes. You can practice:

  • Recognizing numerals (reading the numbers) in the recipe

  • Matching numerals (“It says ¼  on the recipe…what cup measurer matches those numbers?”)

  • Counting scoops

  • Comparing quantities (“Is there more flour or sugar in the recipe?”)

Here are some simple, kid-friendly baking recipes.