Good morning everyone!

We hope you were able to find some indoor and outdoor fun in yesterday’s rain. And parents, we are really thinking of you and all that you are juggling right now. We see you and we appreciate you. Here are today’s activities (and here is the doc):

Morning meeting: Instead of sending out videos today, we are going to meet LIVE at 11am today! Download Zoom by following this link. Then, at 11am, click here and join us!

  • For those who can’t make it: We will record the meeting and send it out afterwards! (Given that we don’t run into any technical issues… it’s our first time trying this!)

An activity for today: 3 sensory recipes! Here are 3 different recipes for some sensory fun.

  • Oobleck

Ingredients: Basic ratio –  2 c. Cornstarch to 1 c. water

Directions: Pour cornstarch into bowl/cookie sheet/pan. Add water. Add Food coloring. Stir to combine. Store in a bin open to air, to allow it to dry out and avoid spoiling. To clean, let it dry out, it will return to powder form to be swept or vacuumed.

Activities: Use with baskets, colanders, strawberry baskets, splatter guards, sieves.

  • Cloud dough (sort of like softer kinetic sand)

Ingredients: 8 c. flour, 1 c. oil (or divide in half)

Directions: Scoop and pour flour into the center of a large tub. Create a crater in the middle. Pour oil into the crater. Gently mix it all together.

  • Slime


Bowl 1: (Slime Activator) ¼  tsp. Borax, ½ c. Warm/Hot Water

Bowl 2: (Glue Mix) ½ c. Elmers Clear Glue or White Washable PVA School Glue, ½ c. Water (Optional: food coloring, glitter, confetti)

Directions: Dissolve borax into warm water in one bowl. Mix thoroughly. In second bowl, mix glue with water. Pour borax/water mixture (Slime Activator) into glue mixture. Add food coloring, glitter, etc. Stir it up. Done. Have Fun!

An activity for today: Music jam! If your child is into dancing and singing and can’t wait until Jarrod’s next singalong, here is something to tide them over. You’ll find a couple livestream kids music jams and can also watch ones from before! Jam with Jamie


An activity for today: Loose parts. Look for loose parts around your house: old keys, your recycling, old boxes, old bottles and cans, a broken clock, etc. You can even send your kid on a “junk hunt” while you work (although make sure what they collect is actually junk and not something you’d rather save.) Then, let them create! You can give them scissors and markers to help them realize their vision. If you’re needing to work / rest / have time for yourself, set a timer for them to work independently and say you’ll come see what they’ve made when it goes off. (Hint: Calling anything a “challenge” makes it infinitely more exciting. “Your challenge it to make a machine out of all these parts! See you in 20!”)

See you all soon!


Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston