Hello families!

News: Navigating this unknown, we are working to provide as much consistency and as many tools as we can. We know you all are also navigating so much during this time, we appreciate you!

Today’s Video: Teacher Katelyn reads Jabari Jumps

Today’s activities:

  • Fancy Fox: A popular Oak movement game! If you’re playing the fox, stand at one end of the room while your kid stands at the other end. They call to you: “What time is it Fancy Fox?” And you can think of a number and say (for example): “3 o’clock!” Then your kid can take 3 steps towards you. Repeat these steps, changing the “time” so that your child takes a different number of steps every turn, until they reach you at your end of the room. Then, when they ask you what time it is, say: “Dinnertime!” and chase your kid around the room! This game helps your child practice several skills, including counting, number recall and physical regulation. You and your child can also switch places, and they can enjoy being the fancy fox and chase you!

  • Drawing & Quote for Oak Class Book: We’d like to try making a collective creation together! Whenever you may have time this week, please send us a picture of a drawing and/or quote from your child. We will compile the responses into a virtual “book” to read on our Zoom call this Friday. We will also record this part of the call so we can send out the video later. 🙂

Thank you for all of the videos, pictures, questions, and feedback you’ve been able to share with us. It’s very helpful for not only shaping the kinds of resources we send out, but also warms our hearts to see those little faces! We miss y’all.

Till tomorrow!


Oak teachers