Hey Forest Friends Fam,

Teacher Alicia here 🙂
Lately I have been hanging out with Oakster Emilia and today we did a fun activity that had us outside in the sunshine and practicing good hygiene!
We took one of her favorite toys, a rolling animal train, and decided to take it for a walk around her block. The walk ended up being a tour through her favorite neighborhood gardens, showing the animal train all the different flowers and statues we saw. It was a great way to see the neighborhood through Emilia’s perspective, noticing what catches her eye and what nick-names she has for different houses or flowers.
When we got back to her house we gave the animal train a bath in the kitchen sink. We have done toy baths before in Forest Friends and the kiddos are always excited for it. It’s definitely a fun way to get your kids to take care of their toys and keep them clean!
So maybe on a nice and sunny day you and your child can pick a favorite toy to take on a neighborhood tour and then come home to a sink bath!
Miss you all so much!!
Teacher Alicia <3