Hello Forest Friends!

Today I have some museum-focused activities for us, that can help us appreciate what we’ve done so far in this crazy week and a half, and hopefully help us feel still connected to Philly too.
1) Make an art museum!
I’m pretty sure your kiddos have made a fair amount of art lately! Gather up some recent drawings and paintings, and pick a wall to tape them up on as your gallery wall. Have your kiddos give each picture a title and a description, and put them up next to the picture. You can ask: What is this a picture of? What materials did you use? Does this picture give you a feeling? What is different about how these two pictures were made?
Then, have your kiddo give you a guided tour of their art exhibit. You can even dress up for the occasion, and sell tickets to your family for the event!
You can also check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s website which has some cool teaching resources–most of them are pretty complex/geared older, but it can be fun to peruse the online galleries together. (I recommend tenderly gazing at some Mary Cassatt while holding each other.)
2) Philadelphia Zoo
The Philadelphia Zoo’s website has a cool “Meet Our Animals” page where you can click through and learn some facts about their residents.
Then, make your own version in your home! Gather all the stuffed animals and animal toys you can find, and group them together. Categorize the animals together: Which ones are predators? Herbivores? Birds? Mammals?
Then lay out some tape on the ground, or use blocks, to make habitats and enclosures for the animals. Then, make a zoo map for visitors, and be sure to name the animals!
Hope these are fun, and wish I could visit all your art galleries and zoos! Feel free to send pictures 🙂 Sending all the love and well wishes!
–Teacher Madeleine
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