Hello Magnolia families!

It was wonderful to see so many of you at our Zoom meeting yesterday, we miss you all so much and can’t wait to virtually see all again soon. We appreciate any and all feedback on the meeting, we have lots of thoughts about how to improve it for next time but would love your input, too! We will be trying to send out a weekly schedule soon so we can have regular Zoom times every week. Here’s today’s doc version of our videos and activities.

Morning meeting: Teacher Rachel did the outdoor scavenger hunt! Join her for a morning meeting with a lion breath mindful minute and a fun outdoor exploration. If you get a chance to go outside, see if you can find some items for the scavenger hunt! (List sent on Monday.)

Storytime: Join Teacher Patricia to sing The Lady With The Alligator Purse!

An activity: Create a feelings wheel. Create a pie chart style circular chart with different feelings on it. Brainstorm the feelings your child wants to put on their wheel before you start making it. You can use our feelings list for inspiration (missing 3 feelings: calm, proud, embarrassed.) Then, divide the chart into pie slices and write the feelings (if your child is interested in writing letters, have them write the first letter of every feeling.) Have them decorate it. Then make a pointer and attach it to the center. In the mornings, at meal times, at bedtime, or whenever works for you, you can do an emotional check-in with your child and have them move the pointer to how they’re feeling.

An activity: Self-regulation workout. A great resource we use throughout the school is the 7 minute self-regulation workout! Kids do walks, runs, and stomps like animals.

  • After going through it with them so they know what each animal means, you could print it (or make your own visual representation) and they can “read” it and do it themselves!

  • You can talk about it as a strategy for calming their bodies when they’re in a big energy place. Make it an option for them, saying, “I see your body is really excited! To get out some energy, you can do the 7 minute animal workout or you can go punch the couch.”


For parents: Taking breaks when with your child. In this new world, you will likely come across a moment where you need a break but don’t find it possible to go into a separate room from your child. Try taking a mini-break while still with them (and modelling for them strategies they might use!) Let them know, “I’m feeling like I really need to calm down right now. I’m going to…

  • Take a 5 finger breath

  • Put on a calming song and listen to it with my eyes closed.

  • Lie on the floor and take 10 belly breaths.

  • Go to our peace corner (if you’ve made one)

  • Hum a song to myself

  • Count all of the blocks

  • Put on the timer and give myself a big hug for 1 minute

“Will you join me?” or “Will you help me by watching the timer?” or “Will you count my breaths for me?” Choose something that might actually help you calm yourself. Also note that there might be times when none of these options will be possible. Being a parent is hard, and is especially hard right now. Please be kind to yourselves.


With deep gratitude for all of you,

Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston