Hi families! Here are our activities and links for today:

A literacy activity: Acting out stories! Reading doesn’t always mean you have to sit still! As you read together, help your child better understand the story by acting out some of the important scenes. Invite your child to be the character and represent the actions that you are reading. How would they be moving? What would the character’s face look like?

Fine motor activity: Pipe cleaners. Pipe cleaners are a wonderful tool for fine motor development. Here are some potential uses for pipe cleaners:

  • String beads or cheerios on pipe cleaners

  • Poke pipe cleaners through the holes of collinders (make a funny hat!)

  • Punch holes in the top of a plastic container and push pipe cleaners through

  • Pipe cleaners and…pipe cleaners! Twist them together, make rings, make spirals, make structures!

Alternatives for pipe cleaners — string, wire, thin sticks, broken cell phone charger wires, anything long and skinny that can be poked through holes!