Hello families!

News: As we mentioned yesterday, next week we’ll start to hold a Zoom meeting on Mondays at noon in addition to our usual meeting at noon on Fridays. We ask that you choose one of these days to join in a whole-class time, to help us manage group sizes and accommodate the scheduling needs of families.

Video of the day: Teacher Alex sings songs on the guitar: https://youtu.be/qD5ZsJEJf2c and https://youtu.be/gXoeTscjddo

Activity: We’re attaching our Oak class pictures to this email! This is an opportunity for you to look at your kiddo’s classmates and teachers together and remember everyone’s name. We know that all kinds of feelings might come up for your child through looking at these pictures, and we want to highlight that it’s completely normal to miss your friends and school during this time.


Oak Teachers