Hello Forest Friends’ Families,

Going outside for walks has kept me grounded during these strange times. It is wonderful to see all the flowers popping up everywhere. There are so many different colors and smells. I find myself literally stopping to smell the roses. In that spirit I have a story, breathing exercise, and craft activity that all involve flowers.
Here is the story of a lonely dandelion that wants to get a chance to see the woods.
When I am feeling anxious or stressed, I taking a few breath to help calm my body down. Here is a great way to use flowers (real or imaginary) to take some big deep belly breaths.
For the craft activity all you need are a piece of paper, markers or crayons, and some flowers.
Rub the flowers on the paper and see what colors they make. Then use the markers or crayons to fill in the picture. Here is a video of me demonstrating how to do it.
It would be great to see all of the flower creation everyone made.
Teacher Zach (who by any other name would smell as sweet)