Hi families! Here are our videos and activities for today:

Morning meeting: Join Teacher Patricia for morning meeting — she reads “Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes” and talks about how some things change and some things stay the same.


Silkworm information video: Teacher Rachel answers questions and talks about the silkworm project: what silkworms eat, how to take care of them, their life cycle, etc.


Silkworm activity: Making a plan. Some kids are receiving silkworms today! If you are receiving them today (or sometime soon), watch the video above and then start making a plan.

  • Where will you keep the silkworms?

  • How often will you check on them to see if they’ve hatched? (Perhaps write this into your schedule)

  • How will you get them food? In the upcoming days, it would be a good idea to locate and walk to a mulberry tree near you so you’ll be ready when they hatch. If you need help locating one, let us know! How to identify a mulberry tree leaf. 

  • Ask your kiddo if they have any questions and send them along to us!


Science activity: Excavation! Do you want to do an at-home archeological dig? All you will need is a container, water, corn-starch and “treasures”. Here’s how to do it:

  • Mix cornstarch and water (2:1 ratio) in a container/tub

    • You’ve made Oobleck! You can have some fun sensory play with it before you move onto the next part of the project.

  • Drop “treasures” (plastic toys, rocks, sticks, anything!) into the goop and make sure they are completely submerged

  • Let it all dry out (it might take a few days — it dries fastest when left in the sun)

  • Get out tools (hammers, paintbrushes, screw-drivers, sticks) to “excavate” the treasures out of the archeological dig

    • Make sure to discuss a tool safety plan before beginning the dig


We hope you have a good day and we’re looking forward to seeing some of you today! (From a distance, of course.)