Hi families! Here are our activities and links for today:


A math activity: Shape puzzles!  Cut out triangles, squares, and rectangles from paper. Invite your child to put the shapes together to create new shapes.

  • “Can you use two triangles to create a square? How about two triangles to make a bigger triangle?”

  • Take it to the next level to see which of these shapes can be placed together to make a trapezoid.

  • Let your child just explore different “big shapes” they can make with the shapes!

  • Your child can outline their “big shapes”, take the smaller shapes away, and then have you try to fill it in as a puzzle with the smaller shapes (and then switch roles!)


A note on silkworms: Sometimes, silkworms will not eat for 1-3 days, get very still, and put their heads up. This is something they do when they’re molting! They’re okay, just shedding off some too-tight skin so they can keep growing!


*** Please remember to provide your silkworms with fresh mulberry leaves 2 times a day! ***


And here are some more locations of mulberry trees:

  • Northwest corner of 50th and Warrington

  • Middle of 4500 block of Chester Ave, north side

  • Outside of 4608 Chester Ave


For parents: In case you missed it. Here are two videos from Rachel and Patricia for you!