Thank you to the families who shared notes or made donations during Teacher Appreciation Week.  Let me say how much we appreciate each family at CCS, and are grateful to be part of this community!


Teacher Message:

Today, I sing a favorite Redbud train song!


Activity for Home: Red Light, Green Light

In as open a space as you have available, stand at the opposite end of the room/yard from your child.  Call “Green Light” to have them begin to move toward you and “Red Light” to freeze.  If the child continues to move after you call “Red Light”, they go back to the start.  When they reach you, it’s their turn to call red light/green light.



  • Try different ways to move – run, walk, tip toe, hop, slither, etc.

  • Add a “yellow light” where everyone moves in slow motion.

  • Cut red and green circles out of paper and hold them up as you say the words.


Learning:  There are a lot of situations where children need to maintain awareness of and responsiveness to what is going on around them, even as they focus on their own activity.  Games like “Red Light, Green Light” give practice in doing that in a playful context.  In addition, children often like to play games where they get a turn to give instructions! 😉