Hi families!  Here are our activities and links for today:


Zoom morning meeting: Join us for our whole-group Zoom meeting from 11:00-11:30am today!

An art activity: Shadow tracing! An activity for indoors or out, it can be created wherever you can find (or create) light and shadow. A sunny windowsill, a patch of sun outside, or a flashlight!

  • You will need: paper, a drawing tool, and objects to trace!

  • Find shadows and lay a piece of paper so the shadow is on the paper. Then, trace the shadow.

  • How does placing the objects in different orientations change the shadows?

  • This can also be done with sidewalk chalk outdoors.

The time spent discovering shadows can create an amazing activity alone. So take your time while you see and create!


A movement activity: Body patterns! Create sound patterns such as clap, snap, clap, snap. Ask your child to listen and then repeat the pattern back to you. Encourage your child to create a pattern for you to repeat! This builds self-regulation skills and also has the potential to be a big body activity, if some of your patterns include big body movements (jumping jacks, runs in place, leaps, etc.)



Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston 

Magnolia Classroom