Hello families!


  • Child Psychologist Dr. Stephen Glazier will be leading a webinar tonight, May 4th at 8pm, and will include a talk for 45 minutes before Dr. Glazier opens up for questions. If you cannot attend, the webinar will also be taped. You can email Naima if you are interested in attending, and send her any pressing questions you would like Dr. Glazier to address during his talk. We highly encourage families to attend!

  • See you at the full class meeting today! The Zoom info is in the signature below this email!

Activity: Check out the oak slack channel for a listing of all the activities we’ve suggested so far. A fun way to choose an activity is to write some on pieces of paper and your child can draw them out of a box. In general, using a “Mystery Box” is a fun way to make decisions, or play a guessing game. You can cover up the whole with a cloth if you are playing a guessing game. Putting household objects or blocks in the box is a fun way to engage a child and recycle your ideas!


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