Good morning! Here are our (optional, as always) videos and activities for today:

Morning meeting: Join Teacher Patricia for morning meeting! She shows the Magnolia kids her rock collection.

Read aloud: Teacher Rachel shows kids how she gets up on her roof and then reads “The Invisible String”, a story about how we are all connected, even when we are far from one another.

Movement activity: Popcorn pops. Have your child sit criss-cross on the floor with their hands flat on the ground next to their sides. When you say, “Pop!”, they push down on the floor to make their bottom come up off the ground. If you say it once, they pop once. If you say it twice in a row, they do it twice. If you say it three times in a row, three pops! And on it goes… (this is a great way to get some heavy-work/focused big body movement in, and it incorporates math!)

Fine motor activity: Muffin tins and rubber bands. Take out a muffin tin (or ice cube tray) and flip it over. Then take rubber bands and let your child try to stretch them around the circles of the tin. How far can they stretch? Can they stretch over two circles? What can they make? You can use it as a geoboard: Here is an example picture.

For parents: More silkworm info! Yesterday, we sent out an email to parents who responded about being interested in the silkworm project — please respond to that email with your address so we can drop off the silkworm eggs. If you didn’t get the second email but are interested, let us know!

See you tomorrow (Thursday) for small groups!



Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston