Hi families,

News: Teacher Katelyn will have office hours today! Check in on your signup here.

Video of the day: Teacher Alex notices shapes and sings a counting song: https://youtu.be/yAZ9eXrJhss

Today’s activity: It’s a beautiful day for an indoor or outdoor tea party! Invite stuffed animals and prepare with decorations, invitations, and a tablecloth. Get into costume if you like! You can use the following format on your invitations to help your child think about the details of the party using Who/When/Where questions, an early literacy concept:

  • Who will attend the tea party?

  • When will the tea party be?

  • Where will it take place?

You can prepare a table with plastic cups and plates, and help serve the animals tea and snacks. You could read a story during the party or prompt your kid and the animals with simple questions for everyone to think about (What will the weather be like today? What kind of snack do you like better, X or Y?) Again, there is no right or wrong way to set this up, whichever is easiest and most fun for you and your child!



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