Hi families! Here are our videos and activities for today:


Morning meeting: Join Teacher Patricia for morning meeting! She sings a counting song “Alligator On The Elevator” and connects the song to written numerals.


Activity: Building and counting along with Teacher Patricia’s song. Grab some blocks, legos, or anything else stackable and challenge your child to build up an elevator as Teacher Patricia sings, using one block for each floor (i.e. when she gets to the 5th floor, your child has stacked 5 blocks, etc.) At the end, count up all the blocks! You can continue counting and building, trying to see how many blocks your child can build with before the tower falls.


Make a silkworm movement video: Observe your silkworms closely (or, if you don’t have silkworms, watch this video of a silkworm molting — thanks Zoey) and notice how they move. Then, prompt your child to “move like a silkworm” and take a video to send to us. (The goal is to edit together a Magnolia kid silkworm dance video!)

If your child doesn’t want to dance on camera, you could write out words together to describe how silkworms move and send those words to us.

Have a lovely Wednesday! We hope you’ve been enjoying the warm weather!