Hi Redbud families,

In today’s teacher message, I read Lola Plants a Garden. Then I go out to my real-life garden to check on the plants. Come along and see what’s growing!

In the story, Lola cuts out colorful shapes to make a flower book. My suggested activity for today is to try some collage art with your Redbud. They could tear pieces of paper (this is a great way to “recycle” previous works of art), practice cutting with scissors, or use real flowers and other natural materials. You can help them glue the pieces in place, or try out a perennial Redbud favorite: tape! Tearing paper and tape strengthens the small hand muscles to help your kiddo develop all sorts of fine motor skills. Check out Teacher Laura’s email from yesterday for more of the many ways kids can benefit from and learn through artistic processes. Also, making art together is fun!

Take care,