Hi Forest Fams!

Madeleine here 🙂 Today I have a video of Lulu and I reading Kuma-Kuma Chan’s Travels.
This story reminds us that we can travel and have adventures from home. In the story, Kuma-Kuma finds a special spot in his home where he rests and uses his imagination to daydream travel and visit people and places he can’t visit in real life right now.
Today, maybe during rest, pick an extra cozy spot and daydream of somewhere you’re missing or would like to visit. Close your eyes, and notice the colors you see. What sounds do you hear? What does it smell like? Who else is there? Do you feel peaceful, or excited? After you rest like Kuma-Kuma Chan, draw a picture of the place you visited to share with someone else, and tell them what’s special about it.
Much love,
Teacher Madeleine 

P.S. Especially to my Juneberry resters, but this of course extends to all my forest friends, please let me know if you’re interested in a one-on-one zoom or facetime catch-up! Would love to see your sweet faces.