Hey Forest Friends Fam,

Thanks so much to all who came to our Forest Friends Zoom call yesterday! It was great to see your faces. We talked, introduced each other to our pets, played a game called “I am a Magician”, and did Show and Tell.
We will also have a zoom play date this with Teachers Sarah, Charlie and Zach. Look out for the zoom meeting link!
Today I have a couple of theatre/movement games to share with you.
Relaxation Stimulation:
This game helps children be present in their bodies by imagining different objects/experiences related to the five senses. I created a video for kids showing how to play and follow along with.
Here’s the video:
Led by the Nose:
This game is a fun and silly movement activity! Players imagine that strings are attached to different parts of their bodies and then move around the room as if the string is pulling that body part. They lead with this body part. You can use any body part! Examples include: nose, hands, feet, big toe, elbow, eyelashes, etc. Feel free to get silly and specific! This game might get a little wild. If it does, you can add descriptors for how they move: ie. “Move slowly as if there’s a string attached to your cheek.” or “Move gently as if a string is attached to your shoulder.”
Teacher Eliza