Good Morning!

Here is today’s morning message, including some songs and inspiration on how to make music using things you find in the kitchen!  Feel free to sing or play or clap along!
More At-Home Music Activities:
  • Try out playing sounds with spoons, a wooden bowl, a glass of water, a container of rice, etc….  See what you discover!
  • Play your favorite song or album, and use your kitchen percussion to join in!
  • Below are some inspiring videos of musicians playing at-home instruments, like spoons, washboards (that’s what people used to use to scrub their clothes before washing machines), and glasses filled with water!  Enjoy, dance along, play along with your own instruments…!
PS. If you’re wanting some great live streamed music for kids, Ants on a Logis a local band that has concerts every Tues/Thurs at 4pm!
Octavia and Lee Juneberry Teachers