Hi families! Here are our activities and videos for today:


NEWS: Starting next week (i.e. this coming Sunday), we will be sending you the activities for the week in one email/document on the Sunday evening before the start of the week. In our family surveys, many families said they would like more time to prep the materials for the activities and to plan their days/weeks. Hopefully this will make it a bit easier to keep track of activities and plan your days. We will continue sending daily emails with daily videos and Zoom links. 


Silkworm video: Teacher Rachel talks about silkworm anatomy and shows videos of her silkworms spinning their cocoons! 

Silkworm anatomy: After watching Teacher Rachel’s video, have your child try to name the body parts on your silkworms. Can they find the spiracles? Can they notice the difference between the little legs on the thorax and the bigger legs on the abdomen? Here is Rachel’s silkworm anatomy diagram to reference. 


An activity for this weekend: Make a Share and Tell video! As we do every weekend, we’re asking you for a short clip (or pictures or a written answer if sending it to us in video format doesn’t work for you!) for our Share and Tell video. Please try to send it by 2pm on Sunday.


For parents: Talking about children’s independent time. We are continuing our weekly parents’ video! This week, we are talking about independent time (when kids are asked to play solo, without direct interaction with adults.) We discuss some strategies for making independent time smoother for both you and your child. If you haven’t yet, watch our video about transitions for some tips about how to transition into independent time. 


Have a wonderful weekend!