Hey JB Families!

Will you play Guess The Sounds with me?

Take out a couple of pieces of paper (one for your child and one for you) and writing/drawing utensils.
When you listen to this recording, invite your child draw to in response to what they hear. You can write down their words about what they think they sound was, how it made them feel, what it reminded them of, etc.  The sound quality is so-so,  you can let them know it might be hard to tell what it is over a recording and that is OK!  It’s still a fun guessing game. I will reveal what the sounds were made of next week- Please email your responses so I can share them with the group as well!
Thanks!!  Teacher Lee
Ps. This game is fun to play at home with your own sounds too – and your child might also like making you guess a sound that they’re producing.