Hello Redbud families,

In today’s teacher message, Sock the hand puppet and I read the book I Help, by Caitlin Dale Nicholson and Leona Morin-Neilson. The story is about a child and their grandmother who drive to the woods to pick berries together, with a simple and beautiful message at its heart: each generation holds its own wisdom and has something to offer each other, even when we aren’t doing the same thing!
Today’s suggested activity: Redbud teachers have already made this suggestion previously, but it’s sound enough to repeat–are there ways that your Redbud can help you around the house? No matter what your age, it feels good to contribute to the greater whole, and households are no exception. Does a tabletop need wiping down? Does laundry need to be sorted before it goes in the wash? Do you need someone to hold the dustpan for you while you sweep? Enlist your Redbud! Being able to share in the work means that your little one can also share in the feelings of accomplishment and pride that come from doing a job well done.

A list of all of Redbud’s teacher video messages can be accessed here. Happy viewing!