Hello families!

News: You can check out this article from the Child Mind Institute. As things continue to be canceled, or slowly open, coping with disappointment is something we all face, kids included! This article has some good tips, and remember we are always happy to connect and brainstorm together if that feels supportive. 

Patterns Week 3:

Focus for the week: 

  • Providing opportunities for children to group items into two sets (separating the blue bears and the red bears or small squares and large squares). With these sets, using measuring and data skills to observe and compare sets of objects (the yellow stack is taller than the blue stack). 

Activity: You can use “If, then…” statements to play fun games or sing songs with your kiddo! These lines allow kids to think about “sorting” in relationship to themselves or their attributes. For example, “If you’re wearing red, stand up!” or “If you’re wearing a smile, jump up and down!” One of our favorite songs in the Oak Room is “What are you wearing?” (Here’s a Youtube version.

Video: Join our zoom call today at noon! We’ll be singing “What are you wearing?” and having a dance party! The info is in the signature as usual.

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