Hi families! We hope this email finds you well this Monday morning and that you were able to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend.


Morning meeting: Join Teacher Rachel for Share and Tell! If your child has any reactions or questions about what anyone shared, consider sending an email or letter to them to let them know!

One-on-ones: Today, we are continuing our Monday one-on-one calls — you should have gotten an email this morning with a Zoom link for your child’s call.

An activity: Silkworm timeline & questioning! It has been a week (or just under) since many silkworms started hatching! Questions you could ask your child: How did they look then? How do they look now? What is the same? What is different? What do you know now that you didn’t know a week ago? (What have you learned?) What do you still want to know? These are all questions you can use, whether for the journal or just in conversation, to help deepen your child’s thinking about the silkworm project. Asking open-ended questions is a key teaching strategy we use in the classroom to support students’ learning and reflection.

Building challenge: Ramps! Last week, we challenged you to build tunnels. This week’s challenge is to construct ramps! A ramp is something which a car or ball would roll down. To facilitate planning skills, you can have your child draw out a plan (“blueprint”) for their structure before they start building it. This is another great place to engage in some open-ended question asking!



Rachel Ford and Patricia Houston