Hello Forest Friends!

Teacher Madeleine here 🙂 I was so happy to see some of your faces and chat last Thursday on zoom! Hope to see you again this Thursday at 4pm, this time led by Teachers Alicia, Eliza, and Charlie!
Today I have a video of Lulu and I reading “Where the Wild Things Are.”
This is a wonderful, fun story about feeling wild. When our routines are different and we can’t hug our friends, we might have more wild feelings than usual, and that’s ok! It also can be hard to direct our wild feelings and energies at home, where there isn’t a designated big energy common room space.
So today, lean into the wild rumpus! Choose a space for your rumpus–you could even decorate to look like a forest, or close your eyes and imagine trees and vines growing in your living room. You can make a crown out of construction paper for the king/queen/ruler of the Wild Things, and the person wearing the crown gets to start and stop the rumpus. It’s a big responsibility, and a good moment to set some boundaries and make choices together about what a rumpus entails.
When Max grows tired of being king of the wild, he wants to come home to love and food, two of the best things. Before the rumpus begins, you can decide together your post-rumpus calm down activity–a peace corner snuggle? A yummy snack? Drawing some Wild Things?
Have a good rumpus, friends!
Much love,
P.S. If you’re having trouble with non-rumpus related wild feelings that you want to brainstorm about together, please reach out! The novelty may have worn off, but things are still really hard and different, and big feelings abound. Always happy to talk! <3