Hi families! Here are our videos and activities for today:


Singing: Join Teacher Patricia for some singing and talking about feelings! She talks about dealing with frustration, disappointment, and sadness by thinking about what she’s thankful for and sings “Thanks A Lot” by Raffi.


Decorating silkworm box: Join Teacher Rachel as she decorates the box she made yesterday for her silkworms to spin their cocoons in. (If you haven’t seen that video, watch it here.) You can decorate your silkworm boxes too! Silkworm box decoration ideas:

  • Oil pastels, paint, markers, chalk, crayons, etc.

  • Collecting natural materials and pasting/taping them on

  • Glue and glitter

  • Writing words and wishes for the silkworms on the outside of the box

  • Drawing silkworms and mulberry leaves, drawing their life cycle


Social-emotional activity: Listing gratitude. After watching Patricia’s video, you can work on your own lists of gratitude. In addition to being a time to process feelings and open up a conversation with your child (“What food makes you happy?” “What is your favorite part of the day?” “What do you like about being at home?”), it also supports developing math skills (numbering list items, practicing writing out numerals, counting items on the list) and literacy skills (have your child sound out the first letter of each word — “You love your scooter! What letter does “scooter” start with? Sssscooter…”)

  • Write your own list as well! Modelling this process will be helpful for your child to see and writing gratitudes can be a good mindfulness practice for adults, too!


See you at small group Zoom!