Hey JB Families,

Here’s a video of me reading a favorite story about the joys and challenges of sharing, and  making a reading nook.  A Reading Nook is kind of like a fort but a little less involved in terms of building.  A nook is a cozy spot where you can rest, play quietly, read, draw…  It’s kind of like our Peace Corner at school, but at home you get to design it however you want.  With pillows, blankets, fun toys/activities, and objects that you like.  Making a Reading Nook can be a fun activity, and also provide a little hang out zone for your child.  Get creative- you can make temporary reading nooks on your back porch, in the living room, they can be big enough for a kid and a caregiver, a sibling or friend, or just the right size for one child.  You can even play music while sitting in your reading nook!
Teacher Lee