Hi families! Here are our activities and links for today:

Zoom morning meeting: Join us for our whole-group Zoom meeting from 11:00-11:30am today!

Silkworm video: Teacher Rachel talks about finding that her hatched silkworms, about why silkworms hatch at different times, about silkworms not hatching and what will happen if they don’t (spoiler: we’ll bring you hatched silkworms), about feelings about waiting for hatching, about how to feed silkworms, and about keeping a science journal! Phew, a lot packed in one 5 minute video…it might take a few watches over the next couple days to digest.

A science activity: Nature journal! Whether or not you decided to raise silkworms, your child can keep a nature journal! Journals can help kids develop skills in observation, recording, questioning, listening, predicting, literacy, math…and so much more. Make a journal by folding and stapling paper, using an old journal, tying pages together with string, etc. Decorate the cover and have your child practice writing their name on the cover. More to come tomorrow about what to put in the journal… one step at a time!