Hi Families,

In response to the recent parent survey, we’ve decided to offer individual Zoom meetings for a child and a teacher or between a parent/caregiver and a teacher for families who would like to participate.
Child-Teacher Zoom Meeting
We’re anticipating that these would be fairly short (around 5 minutes).  We will be ready with a book or song, but are also open to letting your child take the lead – now’s their chance to show us every stuffed animal in their collection or just chat and be silly!
Parent-Teacher Zoom Meeting
We’d like to offer a chance for families to talk about what’s going on with their child at home and support you however we can – brainstorming solutions for tricky behaviors or thinking through approaches to the developmental issues that may be coming up.  Obviously, we’re all in uncharted waters these days, and can’t promise to have the answers, but we’re absolutely willing to ponder the questions with you.
If you are interested, please RESPOND AND LET US KNOW:
1. Are you requesting a child-teacher or parent-teacher meeting (or both)?
2.  When are you available?
If you are requesting a child AND a parent meeting please clearly designate times for each.
Depending on how many responses we receive, we may either contact you individually or send out a sign up sheet with blocks of time.
Also, we want to give a big thank you to Carolyn Chernoff (parent of Fitch) who has been hosting a Redbud Zoom Hangout Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11:00.  Thank you Carolyn!
Some of the teachers have popped in occasionally and it is so sweet to see the Redbud kids!
Thank you everyone!