Hi families! Here are our activities and links for today:

Reminder: Please sign up for parent survey/check-in calls this week! We are holding them today and tomorrow.

A sensory activity: Water play!  Fill up your sink or a small bin with a few inches of water (maybe take it outside!) Use cups, spoons, funnels, and plastic toys to play with in the water. In the classroom, we would sometimes play “toy wash” or “car wash” and add in some soap, having kids wash the toys and dry them. Questions to deepen water play exploration:

  • Do you think that toy will float or sink? Why?

  • Do you think the two cups hold the same amount of water? Why?

  • How can we figure out whether they hold the same amount of water?

  • How many spoonfuls of water will it take to fill up the cup? How do we find out?


Updated mulberry tree locations: Maybe take a long mulberry tree walk/ride around the neighborhood! Magnolias can try to identify the trees by looking for the spiky little green mulberries, or by bringing a sample leaf/berry to see if they “match”. Let us know if you know of any more!


Here are the locations:

  • Northwest corner of 50th and Warrington

  • Middle of 4500 block of Chester Ave, north side

  • Outside of 4608 Chester Ave

  • Southwest corner of 46th and Chester

  • Many lining the entrance to Bartram’s gardens

  • North side of Pine Street halfway between 42nd and 41st


For parents: In case you missed it. Here are three videos from Rachel and Patricia for you!