Hey Forest Friends Fam,

Today I have a video of myself taking a walk through my neighborhood and showing you all of my favorite flowers I pass by.
I think it is a good practice to record the things that bring you joy, and making this video definitely brought me joy.
I’m sure all of your kiddos are used to being on camera and being recorded, but what if they were the ones behind camera?
Before taking a walk you can try telling your child that you will help them take pictures of whatever they want. What they choose might surprise you and it might give you some insight into their unique perspectives.
Suppose they want to take pictures of people? This could lead to a great conversation about consent, some people do not wish to have their picture taken while others do not mind, either way asking for consent is the only way to know.
Photography and videography are mediums we don’t often explore in class, but now that we are relying more heavily on technology to communicate with each other, I think it is the perfect time to have some fun with it!
If you do end up taking some pictures or videos together then please send them along, I would love to see them 🙂
Alicia <3