Hello families!

News: If you’re looking for something to watch we suggest the: Superfest Disability Film Festival Kids Showcase which will be held this Thursday 1:30-2:30 via Zoom!

Patterns Week 2:

Focus for the week:

  • Offering children tactile experiences where they experience differing attributes, while teachers narrate the experience (offering children a chance to hold a heavy rock, describing the different attributes of shape blocks, etc.)

Activity: Reflecting on how food tastes is not only a way of noticing attributes, it’s also a mindful activity! Ask your child to reflect on whether or not their food is “Sweet, or not sweet,” as they are eating today. If you have play food or pictures of food, you can also make two piles of sweet and not sweet without making a big mess.

Today’s Video: Teacher Alex will do some mindful tasting, categorizing foods by whether or not they are sweet: https://youtu.be/66KmTWRkv8s


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