Hi families! Here are our videos and activities for today:


Morning meeting: Join Teacher Patricia as she decorates her hula hoop with shiny tape. And do an activity along with her…


Activity: Do a project as you watch Teacher Patricia. The video is great for your kids to do a project along to: Is there anything they want to decorate? Perhaps they can make something out of tape and paper! Maybe they want to work with stickers that they have. That way, it’s almost like they’re spending time with Teacher Patricia.


Preparing silkworms for spinning cocoons: Join Teacher Rachel as she tells you how to know when your silkworms are almost ready to spin their cocoons and how to set up their cocoon-spinning home. She measures silkworms, shows a video of what spinning looks like, and crafts a box for them. Tomorrow, she will show you how she decorates the box!


Silkworm activity: Making them a home for spinning. After watching Rachel’s video, make a plan with your child. Writing out steps beforehand helps kids learn how to organize their thinking and bring their plans into fruition (a skill that will be useful throughout their lives!) What materials will you use? What tools do you need? List them. Will you make it the same as Rachel or different? How will you make your corners?

  • Some of your silkworms might be ready to spin in a week, some might not be ready for a while longer. That’s okay! You can take your time on this project.

  • If you pause the project and want to continue it the next day, you can say you’re “putting a bookmark in the project” and “click” the thought about what to do next in your brain to remember.