Hello Redbud Families!
In today’s teacher message, I read I am a Bunny with some help from a special guest.
The book also inspired my suggested activity: birdwatching! If your family enjoys exploring the great outdoors, Bartram’s Garden and Cobbs Creek Park are a couple of great local spots to see some birds. If you’d rather stay home, you can also watch from a window. If your Redbud is interested, you can easily incorporate some math by counting the birds you see, or literacy by reading about birds and learning the names of the different species.
And if your kiddo wants to do a craft project to lure more bird friends to your yard, try this simple DIY bird feeder using just a toilet paper roll, nut butter, bird seed, and string:
  • Use a spatula to spread the nut butter (or sunbutter) all over the outside of the toilet paper roll.
  • Roll the TP roll in bird seed (or sunflower seeds, raisins, chopped nuts, etc.)
  • Thread the string through the inside of the roll and tie it to make a loop that you can hang over a tree branch (or whatever good hanging spot is available).
  • Hang it up and wait for the birds to arrive!
Take care,