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Hi Everyone!


In today’s video, I read the book “Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear?” by Martin Wadell and illustrated by Barbara Firth.  Forgive the spoiler, but there’s a moment in the book that I really love.  Little Bear is afraid of the dark, and Big Bear tries to help by offering progressively bigger lanterns, but finally brings Little Bear outside to look at the dark and notice the moon and stars all around.  At that moment, safe in Big Bear’s arms, Little Bear falls asleep.  It feels like a lesson that I have had to learn and relearn so many times as a teacher.  So often, when a child is experiencing an upsetting emotion I am tempted to jump right to finding a solution.  I remember one little Redbud a few years ago repeating “I miss my mom” over and over in the early days of the school year.  I reminded them that their mom would be back, talked about all the things we would do in the meantime, and made generalized sympathetic remarks like, “I know; it can be really hard when we miss our families” without effect.  Finally, I just looked them in the eyes and repeated their exact words, “You miss your mom,” holding a moment of quiet after I spoke their words.  After that, the child whispered “yeah” and finally started to calm down.


I want to hold up the work you are all doing right now as parents, being present with your child’s emotions, as well as your own, as you take care of yourselves and your families.  It is tremendously challenging and important work to hold a child’s feelings in safety and love, and you all are contributing not only to your own child, but to the world.


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Activity: Playing with Water

There are so many ways to play with water!  Here are a few Redbud favorites:

  • Painting sidewalks or walls outside with big paint brushes or sponges (you can bring rocks inside and use a smaller brush to make it an indoor activity)

  • Using a spray bottle or small watering can to water plants

  • Washing baby dolls, toy dishes, or toy vehicles

  • Scooping, filling, and pouring with kitchen tools (Some favorites are measuring cups or spoons, colanders, funnels, and turkey basters)

  • If you have an old-fashioned egg beater with a crank, try making bubbles in water with a little dish soap.

  • Ocean themed materials – shells, toy sea animals or boats