Hello families!

News: We’ve extended our office hours sign-ups until the end of June. The link in the signature is active again!

Patterns Week 2:

Focus for the week:

  • Offering children tactile experiences where they experience differing attributes, while teachers narrate the experience (offering children a chance to hold a heavy rock, describing the different attributes of shape blocks, etc.)

Activity: Tasting food is a great way to explore different textures. Trying different foods can be tricky at this age, and using language like “I wonder if this food will be crunchy or soft”, making guesses, and then trying together can encourage trying new foods.

An interesting note about kids and food: Often kids will be more willing to eat food off of a parent’s plate, or after they have seen a parent eat. This is a safety instinct, showing the kiddo that the food is safe to eat!

Today’s Video: Teacher Katelyn will be doing some mindful tasting, categorizing foods by whether or not they are crunchy. https://youtu.be/lCRLbNdCG3E