Hi families!

Here are our activities and links for today:

Share and Tell: See email from Teacher Rachel for Share and Tell.


Making forts: You can make the fort Calvin made (“Castle”) for his share and tell by following this diagram from IKEA (thanks for sharing, Carrie!) Questions to ask before and before/while building:

  • What are we going to need to make the fort? How do you know?

  • We don’t have ____. What could we use instead?

  • What is the first step? What comes next?

  • That didn’t quite work. What should we try, now?

  • Who might live in this fort? What should we put inside?


With big building projects, things might not work the first time. This is great! It’s an opportunity to develop resilience, persistence, and flexible thinking. It can also be a good time to experience, name, and work through frustration. Kids are planners and problem-solvers, so when a problem comes up, try asking them how to solve it before coming up with your own solution. Even if you think their solution might not work, try it out! Trying and something not working and trying again is how we learn (and is the basis of scientific/experimental thinking!)


For parents: In case you missed it. Here are four videos from Rachel and Patricia for you!